30 years Complementa


Complementa Investment-Controlling AG is founded by
Dr. Benjamin Brandenberger.


Rollout of securities accounting program P.I.S from ChrisData.


Rollout of in-house developed Oracle-based tools for performance reporting and analysis. Complementa moves into new premises on the Gaiserwaldstrasse in St. Gallen. The company employees more than 20 people.


First mandates in financial accounting.


Zurich branch office opened. Complementa Investment-
Controlling AG, Vaduz, is founded. First family office clients acquired.


Rollout of Allocare AMS performance measurement and reporting software. Pebe Invest introduced as system for securities accounting.


Joint Venture with FondsConsult GmbH, Munich, to enter the
German institutional market. Complementa now has 70 employees.


Complementa Investment-Controlling AG, Munich, founded. Joint research project with Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) (www.hedgegate.com). Acquisition of majority stake in Allocare AG, Altishofen. The Complementa Group now has over 100 employees.


The Zurich office moves to Stampfenbachstrasse 138, and the Zurich branch of Allocare opens at the same address. Michael Brandenberger becomes CEO of the Complementa Group, while Dr Benjamin Brandenberger remains chairman of the Board of Directors and majority shareholder.


Joint research project with ZHAW results in the foundation of Hedgeanalytics AG. The Complementa Group now employs 120 people.


State Street Holdings Germany GmbH acquires Complementa Investment-Controlling AG and Allocare AG. The companies have become wholly-owned subsidiaries of State Street but will fully retain the names and identities. Jörg Ambrosius becomes new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr. Benjamin Brandenberger and Michael Brandenberger remain members of the Board of Directors.


Complementa has a new management. Heinz B. Rothacher is Complementa's new CEO.
Germany’s branch office modified. Complementa Investment-Controlling AG Munich becomes Complementa Investment-Controlling GmbH Frankfurt. Helge Siebert-Bartz is appointed managing director of the new company.

On the 1st of June the Zurich offices of Complementa and Allocare move to their new location at Beethovenstrasse 19.


State Street Bank’s Swiss and German Investment Analytics Teams incorporated into Complementa.
Complementa becomes the new center of excellence in Analytics and Reporting within the State Street Corporation Market position further consolidated and expanded.

March 19th 2013, new office facilities in Frankfurt, Solmsstrasse 83, inaugurated. Complementa now has over 130 employees.


Celebration of the 30th anniversary with employees and customers.


Heinz B. Rothacher will be buying Complementa Investment-Controlling AG(Switzerland) and (Germany) outright as of December 1, 2016. Under its new ownership, Complementa will continue to operate from its three locations St. Gallen, Zurich and Frankfurt. The company’s goal is to continue with offering services related to the management of financial investment risks and to tap new customer groups with additional services.


Complementa Germany in February moved to a new office at Bockenheimer Landstraße 17/19 in Frankfurt.

The Zurich branch office moved to new premises in May at Gartenstrasse 32 in Zurich.