Investment Reporting

Our services:

  • Flexible asset consolidation
  • Performance and risk measurement
  • Coverage ratio
  • Peer group-reporting
  • Investment-compliance
  • Cost-transparent report
  • Report on compliance with the investment regulations (in accordance with BVV 2 requirements)
  • Online Access

Your benefit:

  • Transparency as the basis for sound opinion-making and decision-making
  • Independent valuation, consolidation and performance measurement for total assets
  • Consistent alignment of our services with questions relevant to financial governance
  • Customised solutions for analyses and layouts
  • Appropriate reporting for all management levels
  • Availability of the required information at any time thanks to online solutions
  • Further analysis by in-house analytics experts

If you require further information please contact:

Oliver Gmünder
Head of Sales
phone: +41 44 368 30 87
[protected link]