Performance Comparison Report

Integral part of any effective asset management process is a periodical performance measurement. Historical performance may be compared to either a benchmark or an index to rate success. However, neither is able to reveal any information about the relative results of other market participants and players. Given the exact same conditions and market environment – how successful were the investors’ peers in a distinct financial market within the same period? The Complementa Performance Comparison Report closes this gap and is able to unveil hidden evidence for potential improvement.

The report includes an independent and comprehensive comparison of returns on both asset-class and consolidated level to relevant peers. It enables impartial assessment of assets and its yields to investors or governing bodies. Complementa operates and fosters a wide-ranging database and offers the performance comparison report on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Please contact us in order to tailor the report to your specific information and investment needs.

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Head of Sales
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