Switzerland: Record backing for international assets, alternatives (Investment & Pensions Europe, 17 May 2017)

Swiss Pension funds have an all-time high exposure to foreign assets, according to Swiss consultancy Complementa.

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Pensions in Switzerland: Make or break (Investment & Pensions Europe Magazine, May 2017)

The referendum in September will decide the fate of the Swiss pension reform package. Read the article including statements of Heinz B. Rothacher, CEO of Complementa.

Asset Allocation: When diversification fails (Investment & Pensions Europe Magazine, May 2017)

Whad do Swiss pension funds do when risk budgets are stretched and diversification has failed? Read the article.

Consultants: Changing roles (Investment & Pensions Europe Magazine, April 2017)

IPE asked pension consultants across Europe and beyond how they are responding to changes in the wider pension sector.

Read the answers of Heinz B. Rothacher, CEO of Complementa.

Switzerland's pensions debate: Negative for longer (Investment & Pensions Europe Magazine, November 2016)

Switzerland is engaged in a debate not just about its pension reforms, but also wider issues of intergenerational fairness and the stability of the second-pillar pension system.

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'False' valuations distorting pension funding levels in Switzerland (Investment & Pensions Europe, September 2016)

Complementa’s latest risk update for Swiss pension funds has largely offset the positive news of increasing average funding at the country’s Pensionskassen.

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Complementa: Swiss schemes increasing alternatives, FX hedging (Investment & Pensions Europe, May 2016)

The share of alternative assets in the portfolios of Swiss Pensionskassen has increased steadily since 2000 to reach 7.7%, as of the end of 2015, according to Complementa.

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SNB's snap currency decision wipes out CHF30bn in pension assets (Investment & Pensions Europe, January 2015)

Heinz Rothacher, chief executive at Swiss consultancy Complementa, also thinks Pensionskasse could have lost between 2% and 6% of their assets following the announcement.

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Funding obligations force yield hunting (Investment & Pensions Europe, November 2017)

Coverage ratios have improved but riskier investments mean some
pension funds are vulnerable to market Shocks.

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