Investment Consulting

The defining success-factors of your investment activities include a customized asset allocation, the careful selection of investment managers and an efficient as well as effective investment organization. Our investment consultants bring their experience and knowhow to the table so that those in charge can fulfil their responsibilitees in line with regulations and guidelines.

ALM Studies & Strategy Consulting
Together we develop your strategic asset allocation in consideration of your financial goals and liabilities, your risk appetite and risk tolerance. The first step in the process is the deliberate inclusion or exclusion of asset classes to crystallize the relevant investment universe amid investment rules and regulations.
Our optimization process pays respect to the non-Gaussian distribution of returns as well as the non-linear correlation of asset classes. Our skills to combine investment strategy and liability expertise into a dynamic asset and liability management study is highly appreciated by our clients.

Manager Selection & Beauty Contest
Based on jointly defined principles and criteria the investment consultant identifies suitable investment managers and products. The consultant takes quantitative and qualitative aspects into account and verifies the manager or product fit with questionnaires and in direct contact. The combination of our sound evaluation with the concluding beauty contest enables our clients of a solid judgment and the best realization of their investment strategy.

More and more investors ask themselves how to incorporate sustainability aspects into their portfolios. Our investment consultants advise management bodies in the development of an ESG concept, its implementation and measurement (ESG reporting).

Investment Organization
The support of our experts stretches further to the conception of your investment organization, the investment rule set, the evaluation of custody banks, training of executives in goal oriented optimization and financial governance or the review of present investments.

Centers of Excellence
We pool the knowledge and experience of each asset class and other subjects in so called centers of excellence. A team of Investment Consultants will bring the expertise to projects wherefore clients profit from up-to-date knowhow and an open investment approach at all times.

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