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In fast-paced times, information on assets and portfolio performance needs to be readily available to clients, family members and managers. We offer clients two different tools to access the consolidated assets on our platform. Complementa handles the time-consuming preparations such as data input and reconciliation, processing of master data and benchmarks, as well as the incorporation of individual structures. In addition, we also map all non-bankable assets such as real estate, private equity and collectibles. Investors thus use a sound basis to continuously make informed decisions in all market phases.


Portfolio Analyzer

Using the Complementa Portfolio Analyzer, you securely access the consolidated portfolio any time and anywhere. You obtain conclusive information and make use of a wide range of analytical options across banks, investment managers, asset classes, and consolidation layers.

Dashboards and functionalities are set up according to user needs. By means of drilldown, you seamlessly switch between global view, portfolios, and single securities. Besides monitoring performance, you also check key risk indicators and use the compliance module to monitor adherence to legal or regulatory investment regulations. You ensure full transparency by means of cash flow projections and detailed breakdown of yields, costs, and taxes.


Portfolio Management Software

Operating your inhouse portfolio management software demands a great deal of an organization and infrastructure. Investment professionals at investment managers, family offices and other institutional investors therefore rely on our Software-as-a-Service solution to manage their investment portfolios.

Countless features support users in ad-hoc portfolio analysis, performance monitoring, trade order management, pre- & post-trade investment compliance and model portfolio management, amongst others.

In the sense of “slice & dice”, our portfolio management software allows flexible evaluations, security allocations, aggregations or even the mapping of structures and family or entity hierarchies.

Analytics Software Complementa

Thanks to our combined software and data service, you keep track of investments in all market phases – crystal clear transparency when you need it for your next investment decision.

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