Professional expertise
for professional investors

As an experienced and reliable partner for professional investors, Complementas’ expertise and services center the crucial stages of planning, organizing and monitoring of the investment process.

Being an independent partner for more than three decades, we truly understand to screen complex asset structures, establish transparency and lay the foundation for fruitful investment decisions. We proudly claim well-known brands from various industries in Switzerland, Germany and other international destinations to our much valued clientele.

Since our foundation in 1984, pension funds of all sizes rely on our professional expertise in financial governance. A partnership with Complementa is your solid choice for keeping on track and achieving your financial goals.

We create value in a targeted manner through ALM studies, structured manager selection and the monitoring of the asset managers commissioned by our clients. Moreover, we advise on governance, sustainability and investment philosophy and regularly participate in management meetings as independent experts.

Pension funds with a decentralized multi custody / multibanking approach in particular value our independent asset consolidation service with meaningful investment reporting and online tools for various recipients, our reporting on cost transparency and LPP 2 compliance, auditable securities accounting as well as our ESG reporting.

Since 1995 we annually publish our representative study on the situation of domestic pension funds. As a plus, participating pension funds receive an individual and conclusive “risk check-up” free of charge.

Pension Funds

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Family Offices &

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Single and multi family offices as well as high net worth individuals are often characterized by the distribution of assets across various domestic and international banks as well as numerous (liquid / non-liquid & traditional / non-traditional) asset classes and family members. Targeted management and effective monitoring of assets thus becomes a challenge.

With our professional multi-custody / multibanking service, you maintain an overview at all times – regardless of asset allocations. We consolidate the family assets including real assets, limited partnerships and collectibles. Using an online tool, you access portfolio information and detailed analyses anywhere and at any time. We set up the investment reporting according to your needs and in a way that is suitable for the various recipients, both in the online tool and in the traditional way by means of a PDF or paper report.

We support decision makers at insurance companies, corporations or foundations in the areas of defining objectives, implementation and monitoring. Such services range from ALM studies, governance consulting, diligent manager selections and periodic monitoring.

As an experienced specialist for multi custody (multibanking) asset consolidation and investment reporting, insurance companies, among others, rely on our expert capabilities in investment analytics, risk monitoring and Swiss Solvency Test. We support management with tailor-made services according to the individual situation.

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Banks &
Investment Managers

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As a reliable outsourcing partner, Complementa provides investment reporting and securities accounting services tailored to your needs. Banks and wealth managers value our certified quality in banking standards, our white-labeling options as well as customized online and offline solutions in order to serve end clients.

Portfolio and wealth managers make use of our sophisticated portfolio management software for autonomous and in-depth ad-hoc analyses as well as monitoring and managing client assets. Complementa runs the software and handles all data sourcing, meaning that our clients have no need to operating their own resource-intensive infrastructure.