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Professional investors rely on our expertise along the investment process
in planning, organizing, consolidated reporting and monitoring.

We turn big data
into smart data

We establish transparency and pave the way
for well-founded investment decisions and successful investing.

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Multi Custody Service

Thanks to our multi custody service, you ensure a first-class information provision and retain optimum flexibility, diversification and scope in your investment organisation.

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Risk Check-up

We publish Switzerland’s largest independent pension fund study with data spanning three decades. We shed light on current developments and long-term trends. Participating pension funds profit of an individual analysis including peer comparisons free of charge.

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40 Years Complementa

Complementa was founded in 1984 as Switzerland’s first independent investment controller and performance measurer. It began with the vision of supporting institutional investors in their core task of financial management. Read more about the history here.

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Fresh Insights


Emerging market equities: performance compared to developed markets

Emerging market equities are widespread in the portfolios of institutional investors. Over 20 years, however, the MSCI Emerging Markets has underperformed the MSCI World. The following article aims to explain reasons for this underperformance. Our analysis shows that the strength


Start of Risk Check-up 2024

Complementa has started collecting data for the Risk Check-up 2024. We invite pension funds to take part in the study and thus receive a free individual analysis of the pension fund. All that is needed is the 2023 annual statement.


Index concentration on the global equity markets

In 2023, the Magnificent Seven (shares of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft and Tesla) stood out due to their high performance and increasing weighting in various equity benchmarks. Index concentration has not only risen in the S&P 500 but