Your Investments - Our Expertise

Professional investors rely on our expertise along the investment process
in planning, organizing, consolidated reporting and monitoring.

We turn big data
into smart data

We establish transparency and pave the way
for well-founded investment decisions and successful investing.

Investment Reporting

consolidated investment reporting for sound investment decisions

Investment Controlling

monitoring the investment process and challenging your asset managers for your success

Investment Consulting

consultancy and guidance for determining the investment strategy, asset manager selection and set-up of an effective investment organization

Investment Accounting

compliance with regulatory requirements and obligations such as auditable securities accounting

Multibank consolidation –
sound transparency for investment decisions

  • Stay ahead of the curve with our professional data management and consolidation service across banks
  • Your reliable decision basis with insights and transparency across investments
  • Understanding investment performance, risk and compliance on all investment levels at any time
  • Online-accessible consolidation including flexible tools for on-the-fly investment analytics

Fresh Insights


Complementa Risk Check-up

Complementa’s Risk Check-up was introduced with the aim of providing pension funds important information about their “health” and their positioning in the pensions/2nd pillar system. Annually since 1995, Swiss and Liechtenstein pension funds receive the opportunity to analyze their financial


Étude Risk Check-up

Quel est l’état de santé de votre fondation de prévoyance? Pour participer, veuillez cliquer ici Le Risk Check-up de Complementa a été lancé en 1995, après que de nombreuses caisses de pension suisses aient subi des pertes suite à la crise


Asset Allocation: When diversification fails (Investment & Pensions Europe Magazine)

What do Swiss pension funds do when risk budgets are stretched and diversification has failed? Read the article.