The history of Complementa contains a great many highlights and milestones. Read about the most important events in the company’s history below.


Complementa is founded by Dr. Benjamin Brandenberger.


Introduction of the securities accounting programme P.I.S. by ChrisData.


Implementation of internally developed tools for performance reporting and analysis.

Launch of Complementa’s “Risk Check-up” for individual analyses of pension funds. It also lays the foundation for the annual pension fund study.


First mandates in financial accounting.

The longest-serving Complementa employee joins the company.


As the first organisation in the industry, Complementa receives ISO certification.


Opening of a branch in Zurich.

First clients in the family office field.


Implementation of Allocare PMS for performance measurement and performance reporting. Pebe Invest is being used for securities accounting.


Joint venture with FondsConsult GmbH, Munich, to develop the German institutional market.


Foundation of Complementa Investment-Controlling AG, Munich.


Michael Brandenberger becomes CEO of the Complementa Group. Dr. Benjamin Brandenberger remains Chairman of the Board of Directors and majority shareholder.


Founding of Hedgeanalytics AG as a result of a research project with the ZHAW.

The many years of practical experience are published in book form: ” Pension Fund Governance, Handbook for the Management of Pension Funds”.

Survey “Governance if Investments” for the first time analysing the planning, management and monitoring of capital investments of institutional investors in Germany.


Allocare AG, a subsidiary of Complementa, acquires pebe and ancoma from redIT AG. They form the new company pebe AG (owned by Allocare AG).


Launch of the newly developed online access for our clients.

Publication of the “Governance of investments” study focussing on risk management in the wake of experiences and findings from the financial crisis.

First publication of the Family Office Study (published irregularly until 2015).


State Street Bank acquires the Complementa Group (“Eler” project).


Heinz B. Rothacher becomes Managing Director of the Complementa Group.


Further development of reporting solutions to support clients with increased transparency regarding asset management cost.


Expansion of the ALM business through cooperation with Keller Experten AG from Frauenfeld (independent pension fund experts) and development of a unique asset allocation tool in collaboration with the ZHAW University of Applied Sciences.


Development and launch of a risk monitoring service for multidimensional loss and market risk analyses.


CEO Heinz B. Rothacher acquires Complementa (management buy-out).

Enhancements for peer group analysis in terms of performance and costs.


Development of limited partnership reporting to facilitate the comparability and reporting of complex LP investments on behalf of clients.

Significant increase in advisory activities regarding sustainability and development of an ESG report for institutional investors.


Service expansion to support insurers with regard to the Swiss Solvency Test.


Complementa is celebrating 40 years of existence and 30 years of the Risk Check-up (pension fund study) at the same time.

Serving our clients in a dynamic environment, we are continuously and passionately working on the next milestone!

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