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Pension funds in Switzerland have continued to increase their allocations to insurance-linked securities (ILS) and reinsurance linked investments, with the ILS asset class becoming a core alternative investment for some of them. With Switzerland being home to a number of

Our CEO Heinz B. Rothacher joined an interesting discussion with Dr. Dorothea Bauer and Martina Fuchs at CNNMoney Switzerland about Swiss pension funds and sustainable investing. Watch the special debate in full.

Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE), 16 May 2019 The equity market downturn in the last quarter of 2018 left many Swiss pension funds with major dents to their funding levels. On average the funding ratio of Swiss schemes fell to

Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE), 16 May 2019 Banks could be asked to tell the ECB how much liquidity they could generate from over-collateralised covered bonds – a move that has caused some experts to warn of negative consequences for

Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE) Selecting asset managers on behalf of pension funds has never been more challenging. In the past decades, the number of asset managers in the market has grown rapidly. Investors have become increasingly discerning with their

Investment & Pensions Europe, December 2018 Looking only at the figures, Swiss Pension funds present a pleasing picture. The investment year 2017 can be regarded as a success: the average return of 7.9 % was higher than any time since

Banco no 122, Octobre 2018 Les caisses de pensions ont beau avoir des portefeuilles orientés très Long terme. Lorsque la situation change, elles n’échappent pas à la nécessité de revisiter leur allocation d’actifs. lisez ici

Banco No 121, Septembre 2018 Alors que l’évolution des conditions de marché plaide pour un retour de la gestion active, trois experts décrivent la place que lui accordent les caisses de pensions. Lisez ici

Swiss Pension funds have an all-time high exposure to foreign assets, according to Swiss consultancy Complementa. Read the article here.